Leader & District Chamber of Commerce


MISSION STATEMENT:  “To promote, encourage and advocate for local business adn entrepreneurism while offering support to local tourism in an effort to prosper as a community.”

VISION STATEMENT:  “To be a leading chamber of commerce with growing membership in a thriving community”

VALUES:  Community Minded, Collaborative, Positive Energy and Open Mindedness

CONTACT:  leaderchamberofcommerce@gmail.com


  • Alison Duex – President
  • Joe Dirk – Vice President
  • Lorna Leipert – Secretary
  • Charlene Cocks – Treasurer
  • Debbie Hintz – Director
  • Ryan Marcotte – Director


  • Craig Tondevold – Town of Leader
  • Tony Wagner – RM of Happyland
  • Christine Broderick – Leader Tourism






No business is too small

  • Comprehensive benefit packages are available to businesses from one person and up
  • Home based businesses qualify for coverage
  • Guaranteed coverage available to for-profit firms with 3+ people

Guaranteed Stability

  • The Group Plan has operated continuously for over 30 years
  • Pooled benefits stabilizes your firm’s rates at renewal time
  • Non-cancellable plan due to the claims experienced by your firm

Outstanding Service

  • Your local marketing agency is available to address your needs.

Several Leader & District Chamber of Commerce members already carry this insurance.  A former Chamber Business Member said this is the best insurance they have ever had.  It covered things other insurance didn’t and the premiums were affordable.

For more information contact the Leader & District Chamber of Commerce

CONTACT:  leaderchamberofcommerce@gmail.com