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Leader Hospital to Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Conversion – Phase 3

Effective immediately and until further notice the conversion of the community hospital in Leader, Saskatchewan will take place. To enable this conversion, the emergency department in Leader, Saskatchewan will now be temporarily CLOSED effective May 21, 2020. By converting the purpose of Community hospitals in some of our communities we can protect our most vulnerable populations. Keeping patients and staff safe and healthy continues to be our number one priority. This is part of the Integrated Rural areas surge plan which will allow for the movement of alternate level of care patients out of tertiary and regional hospitals to create space for the potential COVID-19 surge.

In the event of an emergency, call 911. EMS will be dispatched to respond. EMS will assess the patient, initiate treatment, and transport to the most appropriate facility to provide further care for the patient’s illness/injury. Inpatient acute care admissions will temporarily stop and only patients considered alternate level of care will be admitted. Primary Health Care services will be maintained.

KMs-QAs-Conversion-to-ALC-May 21 Phase 3